Rezervor reactivi

Our company manufactures, commercialize tanks, which are used for stocking, dosing and depositing different type of reactive which are used in wastewater treatment processes, but also in water potabilization processes. Basically they have cylindrical forms and they are made out of PE, PP or SS 1.4301, respective SS 1.4401.

The tanks that are used in reactive preparing and dosing systems(for eg. chlorine dosing stations, polyelectrolyte dosing stations) are endowed with a support for dosing pump, supports for mixers, supports for level switches, bottom coupling, coupling for dosing pumps, visiting whole.

We can offer tanks with 2 walls for special chemical solutions (such as acids, salts, etc.), which has a better protection for accidental spilling.

Depending on where they will be mounted the tank can be endowed with isolation or even heating system to prevent any frosting.

The installation comes pre-mounted, have every accessories, they only need to be put in position and couple it to the existing pipes.

Depending on the customers request, the installation can be delivered with different type of pumps (such as membrane pumps, excentric volumetric pumps etc.) volumetric dosing, homogenization mixers, level switches, etc.

For more details please click auxiliary equipment categories: reactive preparation and dosing systems, dosing pumps.

The capacity of the tank: min. 35 l up to 10000 l.

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