Chlorine elimination

It’s suitable to eliminate chlorine from the atmosphere:

Gas chlorine elimination with ejectors

Ej 1

Ej 1. The most common accidental leakage of chlorine in the atmosphere appears in cases of improper or negligent handling or a defect on a part of chlorination system (ex. chlorine cylinders, vacuum regulator or ejector etc.).

The atmosphere chlorine neutralization system is designed to protect:

  • The exploiting personnel of chlorine disinfection installation;
  • Rooms intended for storing chlorine gas cylinders;
  • Rooms where the chlorination systems are mounted

The chlorine neutralization/elimination from the atmosphere is formed from the following components:

  • PP tank, which has a shape of parallel piped, in which there is the neutralization solution, endowed with level switch, emptying valve, aspiration, overflow and aerator;
  • Vacuum ejector for aspiration the contaminated air;
  • Control panel;

The installation is delivered on different capacities, on the request of customer. The minimum capacity for which is being manufactured is 50 kg eliminated chlorine gas.

Eliminating gas tower


The eliminating gas towers helps to eliminate the chlorine gas thru the physical- chemical method. The room where the gas chlorine disinfection system is and also where the chlorine cylinders are stock are endowed with free chlorine sensors.

These rooms are also equipped with ventilation fans which ensure the necessary exchange of air.

If the sensor detects a high chlorine concentration in the air, exhaust fan starts, which conducts contaminated air to the elimination tower.

The contaminated air enters the tower through contaminated air connection which can be found at the bottom of the tower and traverses the tower from the bottom up. Against the flow of the air the reagent is being dosed which gets in contact with the chlorine from the air, this way eliminating the contaminated chlorine. Clean air leaves the tower through the connection on the top of the tower.

The reagent is being pumped from the reagent tank into the tower.

The eliminating gas tower in compound of the followings:

  • Reagent tank with mixer;
  • Recirculation reagent pump;
  • Eliminating tower;
  • Used reagent stocking tank;
  • Control panel;

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