Diffusers (aerators) are used to aerate the tanks in the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The diffusers can be used to aerate the aeration tanks, which are full with activated sludge, but also tanks that have fixed or mobile bio-film, hybrid or SBR systems.

The membranes are manufactured out of EPDM or silicone, which allows a various, continuous and long usage of it.

The aerators made out of EPDM are used in various application, where the wastewater it is not harmful to the material. Silicone aerators are much more resistant, because of this they are used to very aggressive wastewater.

Our company delivers, mounts, put into operation complete aeration systems. Depending on the volume of air requested, the number of aerators required are defined, but also their type, and last but not least, the designs and the piping system for the aerators, so as to ensure that the volume of water to be aerated, a complete and uniform distribution.

The number and type of aerators depends on volume of air requested. The design and execution of piping system for the aerators ensure the uniform and complete distribution to water to be aerated.

To achieve a very good corrosion resistance and high reliability, the aeration piping systems are made of SS 1.4301, SS 1.4401, or PVC.

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