In projection services, our company provides for drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants domestic sewage, industrial wastewater treatment plants, the following services:
  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Technology projects
  3. Technical projects
  4. Execution details


Our company provides technical support in order to achieve the best technical and financial solutions in determination, implementation and adoption of different industrial and municipal processes for wastewater treatment plants.

With a well formed team (design engineers, mechanical engineers, and process engineers) we offer turnkey solutions for the realization of the following consulting services:

  • Determination of optimal technological process
  • Adoption of the optimal solutions
  • Verification of technical solutions, consulting, and improve it’s development


Our company has authorized service for both our products and for other products in the industry marketed by other vendors/manufacturers.

Products purchased by our company have a guarantee of 24 months min. This period we provide both service and intervention on the spot for any reports of damage. We provide warranty period for parts, consumables and spare parts, as well as on-site interventions, for an additional fee.

Considering the scope of work, most of the products used are mechanical constructions with one or more actuating systems which require a precise maintenance, according to the instructions of the operating manual of the products, otherwise there is the risk of a premature deterioration.

In order to avoid such situations, our company proposes signing contracts for service and maintenance.
We offer service and maintenance for electrical, automation and SCADA domains too.


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