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Instalatie manuala pentru preparare si dozare polielectrolit

Volumetric feeders manufactured by our company are made to be used for precise dosing of all type of powder, granulate materials, solutions. The dosing mechanism assures a constant and a precise dosing for any capacity.

The quantity can be setup manually or automatically, by adjusting the geared motor or frequency converter.

The installation it is made out of SS 1.4301, optional SS 1.4401. The tanks can be manufactured out of PP or PE. The granulate stocking tanks have mixers to prevent the formation of the agglomerations. The storage tanks are equipped with a lid to prevent the escape of dust. The tanks can be equipped with level sensor for sensing the minimum and maximum levels.

The volumetric feeders are used to:

  • Dose polymer granulate, at preparing and dosing polyelectrolyte solutions in wastewater and sludge treatment plants;
  • Dose lime, in powder form, in the sludge treatment and sludge dewatering processes
  • Dose lime, in the preparing lime solution installations
  • Dose powdered activated carbon in the charcoal solution preparation plants
  • Transport powder, granulate and solid materials etc.

Volumetric dispensers can be supplied with storage silos; transportation systems thru vacuum or compressed air, mixers etc.

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