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Thanks to a full range of modern installations, reliable, high quality standards, our company offers professional solutions in the design and implementation of municipal wastewater treatment plants.

At the base of our wastewater treatment plants designs are always found the professionalism of a good team, which with a wide experience responds to resolve any challenges.

Our wastewater treatment plants designs reflect the professionalism of a good team with wide experiences to resolve any challenges.

Various methods for resolving the situations put in plat efficiency of the technical and economic characteristics, using products from a full range of installations for waste water treatment.

Our various methods of resolving situations emphasize the efficiency of technical and economical characteristics, using products from a full range of wastewater treatment equipments.

Due to custome’rs requests and market needs, we focused on developing and manufacturing our own products, thus ensuring the highest quality products at competitive price.

Among the most important products are manufactured by our company include: fine and coarse screens, mechanical pre-treatment compact stations, conveyors, compactors, scraper bridges, aeration systems, reagents dosing equipment, sludge thickeners etc.

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