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Our company is the unique importer of Bellin products, which is specialized in excentric screw pumps, lobe pumps and macerator manufacturing. Because of the superior quality of the products and the reliability of how the clients are treated, Bellin in now know everywhere in the world.

The macerator is a chopper with a robust design, similar to lobe pumps. A lot of the pumps components are the same. The cutting discs are mounted on the 2 axes. The rotation speed of axes ensures optimal effect for chopping and prevents the winding of the materials around the disc mower. These pumps are excellent for liquids with high solid material content.

The macerators can be used for the following:

  • Oils with very high viscosity- at wastewater treatment plants: rags and fibrous materials presents in the water can damage the submersible pumps, valves, instrumentation that are installed downstream. The multi-crusher pumps will crush any large dimension solids
  • Wastewater from sewer systems: these waters often contain rags and textiles, causing damage to the installations. The multi-crusher pumps will crush any large dimension solids
  • Alimentation wastes: it is frequently used for animal feeding or like a substrate for anaerobic microbes. The Multi-crusher pump will help the decomposition process by macerating the material. Adjusting the rotation speed, we can manipulate cutting plates hereby we determine the dimensions of particles. In this case the Multi-crusher is equipped with an inlet hopper to ease the waste loading.
  • Plastic materials recycling, this requires simultaneous washing and macerating. The Multi-crusher/ rotary lobe pump unit ensure an important reduction of particles dimension and transmission/ pumping of liquid.

To find out more about these pumps you can access the following site: www.bellinpompe.com

Our company assures spare parts, consumable parts for the pumps in warranty and post warranty period. At the same time, our company has authorized service for any defects which makes the warranty object.

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