Air towers

Aeration towers are used to introduce air bubbles into the wastewater. Hereby the volatile pollutants that are presents in the water go from liquid phase into vapors, which eventually are being transported in the atmosphere. The process is being used to remove the organic compounds, non-molecular mass compounds and, especially, the ammoniac nitrogen.

Turn aerare

Aeration tower

The dimension of the tower is direct proportional with the flow rate of the treated water, also the quantity of the volatile pollution from the water. The dimension of the tower can be reduced by using a bio-element, which can facilitates the growing of the contact surface between the water and air.

The material used for this equipment is carbon steel, painted with an anticorrosion paint.

It can be mounted outside, but inside too.

Optional: we can add to the equipment thermo isolation (in case it is mounted outside), extra air-blowers or extra visiting holes if it is requested.

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