Drinking water


Our company provides efficient solutions for drinking water or ultra-pure industrial water treatment, applying standard systems or by elaborating personalized solutions.

Our specialists’ plan, devise and implement complete equipped urban, rural and industrial water treatment plants, promoting reliable and modern technology, which is based on our wide experience. To achieve the requested parameters, we provide the most reliable and modern solutions in water treatment: mechanical and biological treatments, physicochemical treatments. The main features of our applied technologies are modernity, economical efficiency and ecological solution.

Borger Aquatech‘s water treatment systems can treat almost all the problems regarding to water quality. In order to provide an optimal water treatment solution, it is necessary to have the complete preliminary physicochemical analyzes of water, that is going to be treated. Based on the water analyzes, we can get the most convenient solution for some water quality problems.

Our company offers drinking water treatment technologies with capacity between 1 m3/day and 10,000 m3/day, both for individual, institute or water companies.

Main features of water treatment systems offered by our company are the followings:

  • Automatic operation
  • Simple operation
  • Low costs of operation and maintenance
  • Safety and long period exploitation
  • Treated water parameters fully correspond to applied EU standards and Romanian legislations regarding to water quality.

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