Automation and SCADA

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Our company elaborates electric and automation projects for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

The services offered within the design and implementation of electrical automation systems and SCADA SYSTEMS includes:

  • Local control panel, command and control servers, automation cabinets etc- complete equipped
  • The system of remote data transmission via standardized protocols: PROFIBUS, industrial Ethernet, GPRS etc.
  • SCADA systems with any customers requested architecture. Monitoring and control from a distance, not only for the equipment, but for the whole technological process, thru the SCADA application
  • Data bases, working stations, maintenance stations, network equipment, etc,
  • Any ulterior modifications to the system, to improve it or to change it, no matter its nature
  • Installation services, mounting, putting in operation which includes: electrical installation execution, structural wiring, electrical connections.

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