Metallic confections

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To our customer request, our company can execute a large variety of products, made of hot galvanized carbon steel, SS (AISI 304, AISI 316) or PE. Some of them are categorized and listed as follows:

Industrial metallic confections

  • Material for hall construction: metallic skeleton, doors for halls, gates for halls, balusters ;
  • Different types of equipment for farm type of halls: animal feeding equipment, fodder supports, trough, barn for horses, fixed and mobile separators, barriers and protective grills, protection panels, fences etc.;
  • Mechanical parts and subassemblies: casts, supports, parts, gearing systems, automation systems etc.;
  • Production line components: technological equipment supporting structures, balusters, access ladder, walkways, etc.;
  • Exterior stairs for emergency evacuation;
  • Structures for marketing: platforms, railings, stairs, pillars, etc

Light metallic

  • Industrial furniture: tables, shelves, lockers, working bench, baby carriages, containers;
  • Food industry furniture: desks, shelves, cabinets, gutters, various stands of stainless steel, tanks, etc.;
  • Street furniture: fences, gates, stairs, railings, platforms, access doors, billboards, dividing poles, bicycle stands, etc.

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