Disinfection station

Depending on the method or the type of the disinfectant used, we can distinguish the following categories:

Sodium hypochlorite dosing systems


Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) it is used in water disinfection processes as oxidant or disinfection agents.

Sodium hypochlorite dosing system is easy to operate and is a low cost dosing system. It can be used in small or middle wastewater treatment plants. The sodium hypochlorite solution is introduced into the water with the help of dosing pumps, which can dose a constant dosage. The quantity of dosage is being setup by the flow rate of wastewater, but also the concentration of residual chlorine from water.

The installation can have a local control panel.

The residual chlorine which is being dosed into the water can not exceed 0,25 mg/dm3, but it can not be less then 0,1 mg/dm3.

The system is being compound out of followings:

  • PE tank;
  • Dosing pumps;
  • Level switches;
  • Mixer for homogenization;

Depending on the customer’s request, the installation can have different format. The characteristics, the type of this will be detailed in our offer.

Chlorine gas dosing stations


The chlorine gas dosing stations are the most frequently used disinfection systems for water potabilization, also for some industrial wastewater treatment plants (ex. paper industry). CL type chlorine gas dosing stations are used safely in water disinfection processes. The installations are mounted directly on the chlorine tank or mounted on a bracket equipped with heated pressure gauge to control the dosing process. The installation is based on the vacuum, thus ensuring reliable operation and a safe dosage. Chlorine dosing is possible only when all safety conditions are met.

The construction material- resistant to chlorine gas- ensures a long life span and a reliable working of the equipment.

The station is modular; this can afford the customer to combine its components, depending on the capacity, the amount of water to be treated, i.e. depending on the customer’s request.

In some cases there is necessary to mount an equipment to eliminate any eventual chlorine leakages. Technical dates regarding equipment can be accessed from the following categories: Chlorine eliminations station.

UV disinfection station


UV irradiation is a technology often used in water treatment processes. Most often applies to water disinfection, but can also be used in the process of oxidation of carbon, the process of elimination of ozone or chlorine removal.

The following industry uses this type of disinfection: pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage industry etc.

The advantages of using this type of disinfection:

  • It does not modify the compound of water;
  • It does not change the color, taste, smell of water;
  • It does not result any concentrate of water, which elimination can be difficult;
  • It is not harmful for the environment or to the installation;

Using this technology the ultraviolet rays (254 nm, respective 185 nm) shares the energy of water, whose powers pierces the micro-organisms body found in water at the cellular level, modifying these genetically.

It’s recommended to use filtering processes (0,2 µm fines) after using the UV disinfection installation.

Ozone generators

The ozone is considered one of the most powerful disinfectant and oxidizer; it is used frequently in wastewater treatment plants. The major advantage to use it in this area it is due to its quality of wreckers on the micro-organisms that comes in contact with (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi, mood, etc.).

Ozone generators are installations that produce ozone from the air compounds or oxygen, and do not need any other reagent for the disinfection/oxidation. Thus, their use is very profitable on long term.

These installations are delivered fully equipped, which are fitted with common support.

The compound of the compact model is:

Compressor and air drying system; ozone injection system; ozone detector with ozone destruction system; control panel and automation.

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