Compact mechanical WWT

The compact mechanical wastewater treatment equipment is used for municipal and industrial wastewaters.

The composition of station is the following:

  • Screening module– fine screening with brush. This module is use to retain any impurities from wastewater. The equipment retains any impurities that are larger then the perforation of the sieve (3, 5, 6 mm).
  • Sand catcher. This can be a longitudinal or conic shaper aerated sand catcher. The sand settling process can be increased with aeration. The sand settled on the bottom of the sand catcher can be evacuated with the help of pumps or a conveyor.
  • Grease eliminating module. This module has the role to evacuate the floating grease with the help of the scraper system or with grease pumps.

The dimensions of the equipment are being chosen so that the water flow is between: 10 l/s- 181 l/s. Our company delivers the equipment as our customers requested. The equipment can come with different other components. The construction material of the equipment is SS 1.4301, optional SS 1.4401

The equipment is fully automated, with control panel.

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