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Metering pumps are used for dosing chemicals in drinking water treatment processes, industrial wastewater and sewage water treatment, pool and various processes that require different dosing solutions in liquid, powder or solid form etc.

Depending on the application, quantity and characteristics of the transferred liquid, different metering pumps can be used, such as:

  • Membrane metering pumps;
  • Volumetric pumps;
  • Peristaltic pumps;

Membrane pumps dosage quantity can de adjusted in manual mode (by adjusting the number of races) or automatic mode, based on an external signal (impulse number, analogical signal 0/4- 20). The capacity of these pumps is between 0.02 l/h- 3000 l/h and they are used to dose liquids with small viscosity.

The pumps are for different executions:

  • Electromagnetic membrane pumps;
  • Membrane pumps with electric motor;
  • Pneumatic membrane pumps;
  • Piston pumps with electric motor;
  • Membrane pumps with piston driven by electro-hydraulic motor;
  • Volumetric pumps;

Volumetric pumps are used to dose different type of chemicals, liquid, solids and can be adapted to any application.

The amount of dosage is adjusted easily by setting the rotational speed of the pump. This can be achieved by the help of a frequency converter mounted in the control panel of the pump.

The volumetric pumps can be different types:

  • Screw pumps;
  • Lobe pumps;

Any other information you can find by accessing the following categories: screw pumps, lobe pumps.

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