Conveyors and compactors

Helical screw compactors and conveyors

These equipment are basically made out of a trough (SS 1.4301, optional SS 1.4401) in which there is mounted a screw. The trough has one or two inlets and one evacuation outlet for the retained material. The screw conveyors are made to transport different materials, such as: granulate, solids, retained materials from the screens, sludge, dewatered sludge, lime etc.

Depending on usage, these conveyors can be:

  •          Horizontal or under angle mounting;
  •          Mobile or fixed;
  •          With screw, with or without shaft;
  •          With compacting or without compacting;
  •          With washing or without washing the retained materials;

The helical screw conveyors are compact closed equipment, to eliminate any odors; they can also be coupled to the ventilation system.

The helical screw conveyors that are used to transport lime, are totally sealed to the lime bin, silo. The speed of the geared motor is various to regulate the flow.

The compactors construction is similar to the conveyors. The difference is that the compactors have the compacting zone, which gives the equipment a great advantage: the DM content of the retained material can increase up to 75%. Because of this, using them after the rare and fine screens is indispensable.

The compactors can be mounted horizontally or under angle, with or without washing system.

Capacity of the conveyor: 0,2 m3/h- 1 m3/h.

The length of the conveyor: 0,75- 10 m (depending on request)

Construction material: SS 1.4301 , optional SS 1.4401, resp. Hardox

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Band conveyor

Transportor si compactor elicoidal

The band conveyors are used to transport solid materials horizontally or under angle 5 -25º (for ex. solids retained by the fine and coarse screens, thickened sludge, dewatered sludge etc.). The band conveyor can be provided with an inlet trough and one movable outlet trough (to left or right).

The dimensions that define the length and width of the band are variable; this is the reason why it is designed depending on the place of mounting and characteristics of the material that will be transported.

Capacity of the conveyor: 0,2 m3/h- 1 m3/h.

The length of the conveyor: 2 -20 m (depending on request)

Construction material: carbon steel with anticorrosion protection, for the structure; inserted rubber- for the transporting band.

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