Compact wastewater treatment

Compact wastewater treatment plants designed and manufactured by our company are designed so through their modular construction contains all those stages that ensure effluent parameters stipulated by the norms, standards in NTPA001, NTPA002.

Thus, the components of the compact wastewater treatment stations are as follows:

  • Mechanical treatment step;
  • Biological treatment step;
  • Sterilization step;
  • Sludge treatment and dewatering step;

The most important advantages of using a compact wastewater treatment plants are the followings:

  • Minimal investment costs;
  • Minimal exploitation and maintenance costs;
  • Less space occupied;
  • Fast and simple installation;
  • Increasing the capacity with another equipment if necessary;
  • Minimal impact to the environment;
  • Safety exploiting because of the automation;
  • Minimal exploitation staff;

In terms of mechanical equipment that make up the whole system are the highest quality, being made of high quality materials (SS 1.403, SS 1.4401 and special carbon, etc.), providing a life span of 15 to 25 years, with a minimum consumption of operation and maintenance.

Mechanical components are chosen depending on the flow station, and the customer’s requirements.


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