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Our company is the unique importer of the Bellin products, which is specialized in excentric screw pumps, lobe pumps and macerator manufacturing. Because of the superior quality of the products and the reliability of how the clients are treated, Bellin in now know everywhere in the world.

Thus, any customer who obtains for the Bellin products will be pleasantly impressed of the competitive quality and price of these products.

Bellin lobe pumps commercialized by our company are with self-priming, without volumetric gate valve. Having adapted to the flow velocity, they provide a continuous, normal pumping of the liquids with wide consistency. They are compact and they operate with a low shear effort.

Lobe pumps can be used in different applications. They are best used for very abrasive liquids, liquids with high solid material content.


The lobe pumps are used successfully in different type of industries, such as:

  • Environmental technology: municipal sewage or industrial liquid residues, polyelectrolyte, power supply devices for draining, suspensions of lime in fluid gas desulphurization, water-oil mixtures;
  • Chemistry industry: acids, mixes, fats, solvents, emulsions, dispersions, latex or latex containing products, paints and plasters;
  • The oil industry: oils, fuel oils, heavy oil, diesel, benzene, kerosene, emulsions;
  • Construction industry: mineral crust, barbotine cement, bentonite, drilling emulsions, drilling mud, lime paste, mortar, plaster, draining;
  • Cellulose and paper industry: paper paste, coating, chemicals, paints, lime milk, residual water, sewage water, suspension of kaolin, titanium dioxide;
  • Ceramic industry: clay, suspensions, pastes, ceramic suspensions of ferric oxide, ceramic materials, glazes, coatings;
  • Processing of meat and fish: fish oil, liver, blood, ground meat and sewage, skin, fat and bone pastes, eggs;
  • Processing of vegetables and fruits: fruit pulps, pastes, chopped vegetables and fruits;
  • Marine: bilge water, water infiltration, water ballast, different oils, wastewater; residual water;
  • Production of starch: water, chicken drumsticks (fruit), starch, milk porridge and syrup;
  • Sugar industry: water, molasses, calcium carbonate suspension, pressure water, wastewater;
  • Mining: mine water flotation, sludge, lime slurries;
  • Agriculture: liquid manure, sewage, animal feeding, food scraps, plants for biogas;

Our company assures spare parts, consumable parts for the pumps for the warranty and post warranty period. At the same time, our company has authorized service for any defects which makes the warranty object.


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