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Our company is the unique importer of Bellin products, which is specialized in excentric screw pumps, lobe pumps and macerators manufacturing. Because of the superior quality of the products and the reliability of how the clients are treated, Bellin in now know everywhere in the world.

Bellin excentric screw pumps commercialized by our company are used in a large scale, due to different liquids properties that are pumped. Liquids loaded with abrasive materials, high concentration of solids, and foaming liquids can be pumped with safety.

Because of the pumps properties these can be used with success in the industrial processes (such as ceramic industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper and cellulite industry, chemical industry, agriculture, slaughter houses), but also for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

The operating principal is the same for small or big water flow.

To use the pump at maximum efficiency on minimum operating and maintaining cost it is very important to know exactly the water properties. The technical dates to select the right pumps are:

  • Flow/Capacity: l/h or m3/h.
  • Pressure: bar or m
  • Suction pressure: positive- negative suction
  • The liquid viscosity: cP
  • Specific weight: kg/dm3– percentage– the solids maximum diameter
  • Working temperature: °C
  • Abrasive types:
    • Examples:
      • Non- abrasive liquids: water, wine
      • Lightly abrasive liquids: dirty water, biological sludge
      • Abrasive liquids: lime milk
      • Very abrasive liquids: dewatered sludge, cement with high sand concentration
  • Corrosion: pH, acid concentration, temperature.

To find out more about these pumps you can access the following site:

Our company assures spare parts, consumable parts for the pumps in warranty and post warranty period. At the same time, our company has authorized service for any defects which makes warranty object.

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