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Malaxator are used in sludge treatment and conditioning processes.

This equipment is part of the sludge conditioning process (the sludge is being dewatered already).

By using our malaxators you get a well homogenized mixture between the sludge and lime. This is because of the two blades that are moving counter effect. The material of which the ax is made has a good resistance on breaking the sludge pieces and avoiding formatting any breakages.

The malaxator installation compound:

  • Feeding trough;
  • Mixing tank;
  • Two mixing axes with palettes;
  • Geared motor;
  • Treated sludge evacuation trough;
  • Control panel- optional;
  • Frequency converter- optional.

Optional installation:

  • Volumetric feeder with lime stocking tank;
  • Screw dozer;
  • Ventilation installation;
  • Lime stocking tank- max. 25 m3, with level switch, dozer, mixer;

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